Phases of Bisexual Identity – People Should Know More

Some bisexual couples don’t recognize their current condition due to their lack of knowledge. Based on many resources, there are 4 phases to fully becoming and acknowledging with their bisexual identities. The first phase is the sexual orientation confusion. Most of the bisexual people don’t even know why they can get attached too much to both sexes. They may even wonder what’s wrong with them. Feeling different than normal people, they isolate themselves from the society. They can’t even withstand with their nature of dual attractions. During the confusion stage, bisexual people choose to pretend to be in either a straight or gay community.

The Need of Acceptance

There’s a reason why bisexual people need to be accepted in the society. They feel both the internal and external pressure in their life. These may cause them get depressed and lonely. Without any community to involve in, they encounter self-esteem crisis. The confusion phase is considered as the most devastating by bisexuals. The next stage is the identification and labeling. In this phase, they will acknowledge and understand their sexual preference. Most of them are relieved as they understand who they really are. They find the best label to identify their status. They accept the label with gratitude instead of rejecting it. They also start looking for the best way to enjoy their bisexual lifestyle.

The third phase is preserving their identity. For most of the bisexual couples, this is also a difficult stage to face. Even though they feel good with their status, they suffer emotional problems to face the real world. Being bisexual isn’t a good thing in the eyes of the society. There are many conflicts such as rejections either by friends or family. In a nutshell, bisexuals rely mostly on their inner strength, confidence, independence, and self-esteem. The best thing to do is to create a community that facilitates bisexuals. This is the media from where they can find lovers and true friends.

Facing the Reality

The last stage is the transforming adversity. Bisexuals are introvert in nature. They won’t come out to the reality as the world is quite harsh to them. Coming out of the shell can’t be done in an instant. It requires much time and on-going process. These people also need the supports from other people including lovers, friends, and others. The first 3 stages earlier have made them suffered enough. Many of them also end up in depression and loneliness. Building strength is a challenging job for bisexuals. Still, they need to survive it at all cost.

In summary, bisexual couples have troubles in their life. Even though LGBT community supports the existence of these people, the reality is quite different. Loneliness and isolation are two major problems faced by bisexuals. Without the support of a solid community, they will face more troublesome matters in the future. Due to much oppression of straight and gay people, bisexuals prefer to create their own community. When it comes to a relationship, they join some online dating sites to find people with the same preferences. After all, they are human too.